Bond Deck

Bond Deck

A slab is a structural element, made of concrete or steel, that is used to create flat horizontal surfaces such as ceilings, roof decks, and floors. Most times, a slab is usually a few inches thick and supported by beams, columns, the ground or walls.

Slab formwork mostly consists of a horizontal load-bearing structure which ensures the transfer of forces and form lining. For most girder slab formwork, aluminum or wooden girders are used to cover the form lining of your choice.

Based on the same principle, large slab tables are prefabricated and then delivered to the site. Once the slab tables are used, they are transferred under the slab in an approachable position with the crane and transferred from there into the new concreting section. Tables, in specific on deck corners, provide a very elevated amount of security and provide very quick shutting moments for large fields.

Most concrete slabs are fabricated off-site and lowered into place or may be done using formwork. We’ll briefly look at bond deck slab, a special kind of slab that is made of steel.

Bond deck is a highly effective, robust and versatile formwork, ceiling system, and structural reinforcement for concrete slabs. It is a profile steel sheet widely used in building construction industry to make construction work faster and more efficient. Currently, there are new rules that have been developed for the design of bond deck for the construction of composite and non-composite slabs.

Bond deck can be used for permanent formwork spanning up to 3.6m unpropped used in steel-framed construction. It is also an efficient reinforcement in slab construction for steel-framed buildings, framed buildings and buildings with load-bearing walls.

Benefits of Bond Deck

  • Less deflection and excellent spanning capacities for greater strength
  • Fast and easy to install with minimal handling required
  • Fire resistant
  • Works as a permanent formwork

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