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Our excavation service is performed according to the demand agreed in the construction project. We use hydraulic excavators, excavators, and wheel loaders to deliver the service. We guarantee efficiency, agility, and competence, as we have the latest equipment, and we follow safety guides, ensuring greater comfort and security for your work. We work with the utmost care to ensure that our services are performed to the best of our ability, without harming the client’s assets or the environment. We have the ideal knowledge to perform this type of activity. We have experience in the area, and we have cutting-edge machinery, always meeting deadlines and obeying the fundamental safety standards.

We employ only the most experienced grade checkers, supervisors and operators, some with over ten years of excavation service industry experience. Effective communication and cooperation among the on-staff foreman and experienced operators dramatically contribute to our ability to provide quality excavation services and complete satisfactory projects effectively. Our team uses a company-wide approach to encourage quality leadership and support to meet the strict project deadline, and we work directly with clients and project members to discuss the best solutions for every job. Therefore, be aware that excavation is a fundamental step for building work, contact Concreting by R&A, the company that has full conditions to perform a service that values ​​safety and efficiency.

For a quote for excavation services, please use the contact form, or give us a call on 0499114422.

One of the most widely used construction services today is excavation and earthmoving. The excavation of work corresponds to the work stage with the creation of holes and ditches in the ground, according to the indications defined in the project to serve the foundation. Excavation services are done with diggers or pickaxes, but over time these hand tools have been replaced by mechanized tools and even heavy machinery that could offer higher quality services.

Excavation is nothing more than a process that aims to make the earth or a given terrain flat. It is mainly used on land that has slopes and can cause problems when building a house or building. Excavation services can only be developed appropriately if the companies responsible for them develop them to all the standards and specifications that the market demands. Whether you need to construct a residential property or commercial building, excavation processes are essential for the safety and support of the foundation that will be done. In some cases, when excavation is not performed correctly and in accordance with safety procedures, the result will result in cracks in the walls and even support problems.

Technically, excavation involves the creation of holes and trenches in the ground, made according to the project to be developed. Such ditches must have the dimensions properly analyzed and measured. For this, the performance of a company capable of developing these procedures with safety and qualified staff is indispensable. In addition, although some of the equipment used is the same for earthmoving, excavation is a different purpose procedure. Excavation services aim at soil removal of a given location to achieve the dimension required for the execution of a particular construction. Excavation services are indispensable for the most different types of buildings from basements of buildings, swimming pools, or even dams.

These services are performed in construction works including buildings, roads, highways, railroads, landfills, sewage collectors, canals, water mains, dams, among others.

Quotations for excavation services are based on the following aspects:

  • Amount of soil to be removed
  • Type of soil to be excavated
  • Dimension of excavation
  • Location of the excavation

The machines used to do excavation services are: hydraulic excavators or scoop excavators, wheel loaders also called excavator or simply loaders.

Concreting by R&A excavating ensures efficiency, agility, and competence when it is carrying out the excavation services because we have new and semi-new machines offering greater security to the customer.

Our excavation services are performed by highly trained professionals and qualified technicians in machine operation, achieving greater efficiency and quality. We work with all the necessary care so that our clients’ excavation services are performed in the best possible way.

Taking both big and small excavation jobs

Our highly trained engineers perform in various job types for professional excavation services including:

  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Educational
  • Subdivisions
  • Churches
  • Parking Garages
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Shopping Centers
  • Parking Lots
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