Giving your worn-out concrete a new look

If you’re on a tight budget and you’d love to restore worn-out or old concrete, our professional decorative concreting service is the best option for you. In the past, renovating your concrete used to be highly-expensive and it involved removing the old concrete slabs and replacing them. Thanks to new technology, you can resurface the top of existing concrete to give it a fresh look at an affordable price. An affordable option for individuals with tight budget is color sealing – this involves adding colors to your worn-out sealer to make it new and rejuvenated.
With our expert concrete resurfacing service, you’re no longer limited to dull driveways, pool areas, and outdoor concrete surfaces. Our concrete resurfacing service is an affordable way of increasing your home’s value. With our collection of different colors and concrete patterns, there are thousands of combinations you can choose from, to beautify your home.

Landscaping Services

Concreting by R&A can cater for commercial and residential landscaping projects including gardens for homeowners, and display centers. No matter how large your property is, we can make you feel close to nature with our excellent landscaping services,

Our highly skilled team can help bring your dreams to reality, enabling you and your loved ones to sit back and have wonderful family time in your new garden or entertaining area.


Excavation Services
Concreting by R&A provides the best excavation services for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our team of experts are highly trained and experienced in all kind of excavation works and be hired in conjunction with site preparation project. All our drivers are experienced and fully licensed, OHS certified and fully insured and will make sure the work is done in a safe and timely manner. If you also need your site or property cleared, prepared for concrete surfaces, or turf installation, Concreting by R&A is the right company to call. We have several piles of earthmoving equipment that can cater for areas of all shapes and sizes, including mini-excavators for restricted areas. Whatever earth moving equipment you need for your project; we can provide them. Just give us a call.