Slabs are structures that interface between floors of a building and can support subfloors or function as a ceiling. Generally, they rest on beams, which in turn rest on pillars and adequately distribute the building load.

Its structural design is of a plate in which two dimensions (length and width) are much larger than the third, which is the thickness, with loads transverse to it and subjected to bending.

The design criteria are the breaking strength and the thickness itself. Thin slabs may be safe to break, but cause user insecurity due to too large arrows or excessive vibration.

It is essential to know that concrete slabs are the most critical flooring alternative developed during the last years, thanks to its easy installation, high durability and finally easy and economical maintenance. The use of slabs has become the choice of everyone in Sydney, Australia. We offer comprehensive packages that include: concrete pavement design engineering, pavement execution with modern techniques, professional technical advice, permanent supervision on-site and after-sales service.

We execute concrete slabs with technical specifications of high planimetry Fmin, FF, FL, for warehouses. We promote the use of new technology materials for the execution of pavements such as steel fibers and plastic macrofibres for the reinforcement of concrete, surface hardeners of quartz and metal to improve resistance to abrasion wear, semi-rigid epoxy gasket seals for the protection of the edges of the joints and flexible seals for the waterproofing of the joints, etc.

When you need a Concrete Slab expert, you can depend on Concreting by R&A to provide top-quality slab installation service.

We make the best concrete slabs for; Commercial, residential, industrial. We study each project need and determine jointly with the client, what will be the use of the floor or pavement, of what magnitude and what type of loads will be used on the slab, what are the aesthetic requirements, is a very important determination since we must know in conclusion the type of industry and requirements.

We execute top quality concrete slabs, and we have been in this business for more than a decade. For project execution of slabs, we use the best of materials to give our clients the best service ever. The slabs we do for our clients are highly resistant to mechanical stress, abrasion, and load impact.

Reinforced Concrete Slab Finish

We perform services that consist of the installation of concrete and slab finish, in the constructions of; Shopping centers, Buildings, and malls. We take pride in delivering top-quality jobs in Sydney, and we are the go-to guys for any concreting service.

Some of the commonly used slabs we offer include:

Waffle Slab

A waffle slab is a type of slab with holes underneath, which gives the appearance of waffles. It is generally used when large lights (for example, auditorium) are required to prevent many columns from interfering with the space. Therefore, thick slabs that extend between wide beams are necessary (to avoid beams protruding for aesthetic reasons).

Since the tensile strength of concrete is mainly satisfied by the reinforcement of steel bars, only the “ribs” are kept, the remaining portion of the “unused” concrete below the neutral axis is removed to reduce the slab’s weight. This is achieved by placing clay pots or other forms on the formwork before melting the concrete.

Why you need Waffle Slabs?

Our waffle slabs provide stiffer and lighter slabs than an equivalent flat slab. The construction speed for such a slab is faster compared to the conventional slab. Relatively light therefore economical. It uses 30% less concrete and 20% less steel than a raft slab. They provide low deflections on the floor. It has good finishes and robustness. It is also fire-resistant and has excellent vibration control.

Suspended Slabs

Suspended slabs are widely used where the ground is unsuitable for the support of the ground floor slab or where the slope of the site makes it cost-saving to leave a void below the ground. So, if you need a reliable company that provides top-quality suspended slabs to commercial and residential property, then you consider calling us for this service. With our experience in concreting services, we sure can transform your space.

Ruff Slabs

Whether you want your roof to look incredibly attractive or you want to add beauty to your home by using ruff slabs, Concretingby R&A is just a call away. Get in touch today for a free quote.